With over 25 years experience in elite sports medicine and geriatric care, Kevin Jones offers a new way to integrate structural bodywork with a platform that provides perfect spinal alignment for any body size or age.

Kevin graduated with his Certificate in Structural Bodywork from the Core Institute, Florida, in 1992. He went on to assist doctors for the World Boxing Council, Team Kawasaki USA, Team Honda USA, and 5-time Daytona 200 champion Mister Daytona.
In 2007 Kevin shifted to the clinical side of medicine to treat cases of severe back pain, and went to work with Triple-Board Certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Pain Physician Joseph Alshon, D.O. Kevin assisted him with fluoroscopic imaging and spinal injections. It was in this clinical setting Kevin first started to use a prototype of the Spinal Rejuvenator to provide rapid relief for the most severe patients. He soon realized that his invention, by mechanically correcting spinal alignment, could get better, safer, and longer-lasting results than chemical or surgical treatments alone.

In 2012 a US Patent was issued for the Spinal Rejuvenator, and Kevin introduced this simple yet effective platform to the fitness and wellness community, where it is warmly embraced to this day. Now, Kevin realizes his dream of bringing spinal wellness within everyone's reach by making the Spinal Rejuvenator, and its companion exercise program, available to the public. Children and older people alike now benefit from the improved body alignment the Spinal Rejuvenator platform provides, while athletes improve their performance and reduce injury before and after training by using this common-sense product.